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    Introduction >>
    Configuration >>
    Connecting >>
    Terminal Window >>
    File Transfer >>
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        Terminal Window View Menu Options>>
        File Transfer View Menu Options>>
        Operation Menu>>
            Upload Dialog
            Download Dialog
            Go To Folder
            New Folder
            File Transfer Mode
        Window Menu>>
        Help Menu>>
    Advanced Information >>
    Troubleshooting >>
    Appendices >>


First select a file from the File Transfer window and then the Rename option to give the file a new name. The keyboard shortcut for rename is F2.

You can also rename a file by clicking on the file with the right mouse button. A shortcut menu containing the Rename option will appear.

Note: The rename operation requires an SSH Secure Shell for Workstations (SSH Secure Shell) server version 2.2.0 or later. Earlier versions do not support the rename operation, and using this option will produce the Error Renaming File message. For more information, see section Error Renaming.

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