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File Transfer

SSH Secure Shell for Workstations makes it easy and convenient to transfer files between your local computer and the remote host computer (server). You can upload and download files by using an intuitive, graphical user interface similar in functionality to Windows Explorer.

You can open the File Transfer window by clicking on the New File Transfer Window button on the SSH Secure Shell for Workstations toolbar, or by selecting the New File Transfer option (or the New File Transfer in the Current Directory option) from the Window menu. You can have an unlimited number of individual File Transfer windows open at the same time.

Figure : The File Transfer window.

SSH Secure Shell for Workstations File Transfer contains several unique features that make secure transfer operations fast and easy. Note, however, that SSH Secure Shell for Workstations is not just an alternative to an FTP client. You cannot for example use the client to login to a normal, insecure FTP server. The remote host computer must be running SSH server software.

File Transfer Window Layout

Navigating in the File Transfer Window

File Transfer Shortcut Menus

Differences From Windows Explorer

Downloading Files

Uploading Files

File Properties

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