Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find user documentation for SSH products?
Documentation for all SSH products is available for browsing and downloading at:
How do I obtain product updates?
Latest product versions for customers with valid maintenance contract are provided through the SSH Customer Download Center:

How do I get access to Download Center and Support Site?
A username and password for the download center and support site will be sent to the primary SSH contact within your company upon purchase.

If you have a valid maintenance contract but have not received the login information please send an email to:
Where can I download non-commercial versions of SSH products?
Non-commercial versions of SSH products are no longer available.

Volume discounts are available on commercial products.

Please submit a sales inquiry for more information:
Where can I download evaluation versions of SSH products?
Evaluation packages for SSH Tectia Client and Server are available via our website:

They include a 45-day evaluation license.
For evaluation of other SSH solutions, you can submit a sales enquiry via the same link.
Where can I find installation instructions for SSH products?
The user documentation includes installation section with step by step installation instructions in the User or Administrator's Manual depending on the product.

Manuals can be found here:
Is the version of SSH Product I have supported?
End of support dates for SSH products can be found from here:

Support Services

How do I report a bug in the product?
Before reporting a bug, please upgrade to the latest product version if possible to see if the problem persists. Make sure to check the software manual to verify the functionality is not working as per design.

If you are using older versions, be sure to check within Knowledge Base if a workaround exists for Bugs/Known issues.

Finally when submitting a bug, please include "BUG" in the title of the case, provide as much detail about the bug as possible, for example steps to reproduce the problem, product versions in use and the operating environment.

How do I submit feature requests?
Before submitting a feature request, please upgrade to the latest product version to see if the feature is present in the software.

Please include "FEATURE" in the tile of the case, provide detailed information about the enhancement or a new feature you would like to be implemented for the product in the future.

Also describe the use case, to explain how you plan to use the new feature.

What are the advantages of the knowledge base?
Our knowledge base provides resources for self-service support. It provides a useful collection of product information, known issues and HOW-TOs as a first tier of customer support.

If your issue is not resolved by consulting the knowledge base, contact us via the SSH Support Site. For best results and to receive a prompt reply, please provide all the information requested.

The Knowledge base can be found at:
I am the primary contact for SSH in my company. How do I manage users within my company?
If you have been named the primary SSH contact person for your company, you have a Primary Account and access rights to add and modify technical contact persons for your company.

The primary SSH contact person will see a "Manage Users" link on the left side navigation once logged in to the SSH Support System.

By clicking the link "Manage Users" you can see a list of existing user accounts for your company.

Adding a new user

If you wish to add new users, click the "New user" link and fill in the user information. Please remember that all usernames must be valid email addresses (e.g. and the password must contain at least 8 characters (letters, numbers and special characters).

Please note that the maximum number of active contacts for your company is defined in your service agreement.

Changing user information

If you wish to change a user's user information, you can first click the name of the user and then edit the fields you wish to change. Please note that all the fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Deactivating a user

If for some reason you wish to deactivate a user, please remove the user's access rights from the SSH Support System. After this the user will no longer be able to login to the SSH Support System. However, the user will remain visible as the reporter of his/her cases.

Removing user's access rights: On the "Edit user" page, unselect the "Active" checkbox and press the "Save" button.
How can I relay information to users in my organization that are not customer contacts?
The FAQ and Knowledge Base at are available for public. Our website gives users access to a wide range of content which include manuals, guides, man pages, release notes etc.

Handling support cases

If the email notifications from the support system are forwarded to the end user when additional information is required to troubleshoot the issue further, the customer contact will have to forward the answer back to the support system as only customer contacts are able to reply to correspondence from the support system. Ensure that the appropriate case reference in the subject line is used.

Please note that SSH Customer Services will only communicate with the contacts who have user account in the SSH Support System about the customer's cases.
Registering to
SSH offers three support plans to match the varying needs of organizations deploying and implementing the SSH solution.
  • SSH Standard Support
  • SSH Premium 8x5 Support
  • SSH Premium 24x7 Support
Service descriptions can be found from the following page:

Evaluation and presales suppot

For evaluation and presales support please contact sales through the sales inquiry:
Optimum way of reporting and following up on cases to ensure effiecient resolution

Reporting a new case

To submit a new support request, please fill out the form on the Submit request page in the SSH Support System. Please submit separate requests for unrelated issues.

Once the case has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation notification by email. You can reply to this confirmation email if you wish to provide additional information to the case or you can do so using the comment functionality in the SSH Support site.

List cases

To view the status and other information about the support cases you and other technical contacts within your company have reported, please see the List cases page in the SSH Support System.

Provide additional information

In case you wish to provide additional information to any of the cases reported by your company, you can comment the case in SSH Support System. Go to the List cases page and search the case you wish to comment. On the Case view page click the Comment action and submit your comment securely.

Alternatively, you can send an email as plain text, also with attachments, to the reply address of the SSH Support System using the appropriate case id in the reference on the subject line. The attachments you have sent are not visible by default in the detailed view of the case in the "List cases" page.


The case reference in the subject line "(case TECTyour_case_id)" is required or else your reply will not be imported to the support system. Only contacts who have user accounts are able to reply to correspondence from the support system.

Once the email has been imported successfully to the support system, the customer contact who reported the case will receive a confirmation notification by email with a brief summary of the case including the new comments.

It is a good practice to send any sensitive information as a text attachment in case incorrect id is used by mistake as your comments are sent to the reporter of the case.

Case reported by you

If you submitted the case yourself, the easiest way is to reply to the notification you received after successfully reporting the case, or to any correspondence you have received from the support system concerning this case afterwards.

Please avoid including the complete email thread. Include only the parts that are relevant to your additional comments, as the details of the case can be seen at the "Follow up cases" page.

Case reported by your colleague

All cases submitted by your company will be shown in the List cases page. Use the Comment action to communicate to any of the cases listed here.